JNG was founded in 1993. Began with the commission in the Cyprus market, with high quality products in the field of wastewater. We started our cooperation with Flygt company in Sweden, importing pumps, mixers, as well as telemetry systems. With the passage of time and great experience in the design and construction of pumping stations proceeded to offer a service as follows:



  1. Sewage pumping stations

  2. Rain water pumping stations

  3. Force mains (includes water hammer calculations and proposal of force main protective measures , such as air vessels, special valves, etc)

  4. Gravity sewers network

  5. Storm sewers network

  6. Activated carbon odor filters

  7. Sand filters

  8. Desalination unit



  1. All electromechanical equipment for pumping stations (pumps, mixers, jet aerators, panels, sensors, valves etc) for low-energy consumption and maintenance free pumping stations.

  2. Activated carbon odor filters for sewage pumping stations and gravity sewer.

  3. Sand filters for tertiary treatment plants

  4. Sand filters for desalination unit

  5. Desalination unit 

 Main aim, in the planning and study of each project, is the highest savings in energy consumption, as well as the trouble free operation of the system.
To achieve the above, we use equipment and material shown to be of high quality. So we have cooperation in the field of wastewater, with the company Xylem – Flygt. For odor control systems, we use activate carbon from the best European manufacturers and for desalination, we use purification American films